More than a promise


Our vision is to hand over a waste-reduced and clean planet to the next generation. To achieve this, we focus on sustainable and recyclable products and services. In our industry, we want to become a leading force in the development of sustainable product designs and materials.

To achieve this, we at MICHEL ITC have set ourselves the following five goals:

  1. We want to raise awareness of the topic of circular economy in the procurement of materials and in the development and production of equipment and machinery among customers, suppliers and producers.
  2. We want to increasingly use secondary raw materials and sustainable materials for the manufacture of our products in the future.

  3. We are building know-how to advise our customers on which designs and materials are recyclable and can be recycled well.

  4. We are researching solutions to take back our delivered products and dispose of them properly.

  5. As a company, we treat resources in an exemplary manner and integrate and live the circular model in our everyday life.