Input systems / HMI from the leading manufacturer

Customized and reliable

Looking for customized HMI? We develop and produce input systems and HMI solutions for the most demanding B2B applications. Great know-how in industrial bonding. Own engineering/manufacturing network in Asia.

HMI complete solutions

MICHEL ITC develops and produces innovative and tailor-made HMI complete solutions and assemblies. We combine customer-specific fronts and glasses, touch screens or displays and manufacture these parts entirely according to the requirements of our customers.

IMD (In-Mold-Decoration)

In-Mold-Decoration (IMD) is a process in which a decorative or switching film is fused directly to a plastic part. This allows a control panel with integrated display to be decorated on the front side in one process step and functionalized on the back side by back-injecting foils with conductor tracks.


MICHEL ITC offers you a wide range of different displays (TFT, IPS-LCD, OLED, etc.). In addition to conventional standard sizes, we also offer customer-specific displays. Just ask us.

Optical bonding

In optical bonding, individual components are bonded together. The result is a very high-quality and stable HMI (Human Machine Interface) connection. This composite can be specifically adjusted or defined according to your requirements and the field of application.

Touch with display

MICHEL ITC offers you a wide standard range of capacitive and resistive touchscreens, but also customized touchscreen solutions. Whether capacitive or resistive, both technologies have proven themselves in their application. We advise you on the advantages and the optimal price/performance ratio.

Glass surfaces (technical glasses)

Glass surfaces from MICHEL ITC are available in different thicknesses and finishes to achieve the best optical results and maximum resistance, depending on the requirements. In addition, the glass can be customised according to customer requirements thanks to a wide range of printing options.

Membrane switches

Did you know that membrane switches are extremely durable, resistant, dustproof and watertight, and can be realized entirely according to customer requirements? Whether with or without tactile feedback, rigid or flexible - they can be equipped with individual, customer-specific features depending on the intended use. As a long-standing supplier of industrial membrane switches, we will be happy to advise you - just ask us!

Silicon rubber keypads

Silicon rubber keypads are manufactured 100% to customers’ specifications, so that they can be optimally adjusted to the respective applications. They provide a good tactile sensation and are an interesting alternative to conventional switches.

Capacitive switches

Capacitive switches are very robust and ideally suited for high mechanical stress. The completely closed surface protects the input system from dirt and liquids. Design can be realized according to customer requirements. We are happy to advise you.

Operating foils, front foils & decorative foils

Operating foils, front foils and decorative foils can be realised entirely according to customer's wishes. They can be used for covering and as an important design element for membrane switches, control panels and other input systems. Depending on requirements, they are made of polycarbonate or polyester films and are available in various thicknesses.

Front panels

Front panels made of plastic or aluminium form a robust front. They are used for elegant labelling of the mechanical switches and displays of your device. We guarantee high precision machining thanks to CNC-controlled machines.


Discover our extensive range of ONPOW pushbuttons for your industrial application. Whether metal or plastic, the pushbuttons convince with their easy installation, highest robustness and attractive design.

Lighting solutions at a glance

Here we present various options for lighting of input systems. We are happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies and customised effects. Just ask us.