Proven solutions for your requirements

With individual HMI solutions and industrial labelling, we support you in fulfilling all the requirements of your industry. We develop and produce well thought-out and customized solutions for you, taking into account your specifications and the industry-specific standards. Our successfully implemented projects give you an insight into our extensive industry know-how.

Machine industry

The product requirements of the machine industry are high. The companies are in tough, worldwide competition. Innovations are as much requested as competent advice. In close cooperation with the customer, we supply innovative solutions for the operation and marking of machines, apparatus and products – in high quality and at attractive prices.

Medical / laboratory

In medical and laboratory technology, partners are needed who know and meet the high demands of the industry. A strong consulting competence combined with a high quality product range is required. Our many years of experience guarantee our customers a close and competitive partnership.

Measurement / control technology

Measurement and control technology requires precision. For many years, successful companies operating in Switzerland and Europe have established themselves in this important field. We have been supplying this industry with a wide range of products and services for just as long. Thanks to our expertise and competitive prices, MICHEL ITC products are used frequently and with pleasure.

Kitchen / gastro industry

As an important supplier to the kitchen and gastro industry, we have a wide range of expertise and adapted products. The project managers and designers appreciate our flexibility, the exact way we work and our many years of experience in this complex field. In close cooperation with the customer, we supply innovative solutions for the operation and labelling of kitchen appliances and equipment.


Electromobility is the buzzword of the future, driving industry worldwide to research, develop and upgrade. Whether charging infrastructures, e-vehicles or battery systems: from the very beginning, MICHEL ITC has been developing and producing customer-specific input systems and labelling for this industry.

Automotive / transportation

New technologies, emission reduction, strong competition – the demands on safety and quality standards in the automotive and transport industry are as diverse as they are complex. We support our customers competently and comprehensively, from HMI keyboards, high-quality aluminium zone signs for tunnel maintenance to information and safety labels.

Building technology

Environmental regulations, new technologies, room comfort and building automation are the challenges facing engineers and planners. As a competent technology partner we support you in the field of input systems and labelling. Our high-quality products guarantee you perfect functionality, even under difficult conditions.

Sports / leisure time

The sports and leisure industry in particular thrives on innovative product ideas and active experience marketing. The demands on creative branding are increasing accordingly. At the same time, product surfaces and areas of application are becoming more and more demanding. Thanks to our extensive know-how, we are your partner when it comes to high-quality input systems, labelling and lettering in the sports and leisure sector.

Packaging / products

Purchase decisions for a product are often made emotionally and spontaneously at the point of sale. Buyers react to colours and the unusual. MICHEL ITC provides you with high-quality product labelling, packaging finishes and display lettering. Whether it is creative three-dimensional lettering or simply a removable price label. We are there for you.