Labelling solutions for industry and marketing

Visibility for powerful brands

Discover our wide range of customized labelling solutions for industry and marketing. Many years of know-how in technical markings and unique labelling. Consultation or quote? Our experts are there for you.

Company and advertising labels

Company labels and advertising labels are more than just simple stickers. They are powerful tools for drawing attention to your company, products or services. These small "eye-catchers" are capable of making a big impact. They offer an interesting and cost-effective way of spreading your message.

3D sticker

Leaving a lasting impression is not always easy. Especially when brands or products are becoming increasingly interchangeable. A 3D sticker as original branding helps to position your product even better on the market.

KROMEX® 3D lettering

KROMEX® 3D lettering is available in all colours or in an elegant chrome look and offers countless design options. Thanks to the patented KROMEX technology, individually shaped single letters, elements or linked fonts can be created in different heights.

Technical labels

Technical labels are often used in industrial environments. They serve as product information or user information on machines and appliances and therefore require high resistance to the respective environmental influences.

Sticking foils and adhesive foils

Removable sticking foils are ideal for high-quality temporary lettering on smooth surfaces. Suitable for window lettering, notices, advertising or assembly instructions. Depending on the intended use, variants with or without adhesive are available. We will be happy to advise you.

Security labels, calibration marks and inspection stickers

Security labels, calibration marks and inspection stickers provide protection against tampering and misuse. They are equipped with a destruction effect, so that transfer to other devices, detachment attempts or other manipulations become clear. They can be realized in various shapes, sizes and colors, according to customer requirements.

Warning and information labels

Warning and information labels serve for safety and visualize dangers in a simple way. They can be produced in different materials for indoor and outdoor use. Typical applications are safety stickers, information labels, warning signs and prohibition signs. Please ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

Barcode labels

Barcode labels ensure fast identification, simplified warehousing and automated processes. They are available in a variety of materials, designs and adhesives to meet customer requirements.

Metal labels

If you are looking for a robust marking solution, metal labels are the ideal choice. They are high-quality, durable and also perfectly suited for outdoor use. They can be anodised, laser engraved or etched on request.

Rating plates

Are you looking for rating plates for your machines, plants and products? Rating plates from MICHEL ITC are manufactured completely according to your specifications with company logo and all required details. Depending on the field of application, they are available in aluminium, stainless steel or brass.

Metal lettering

Metal lettering made of chrome-plated real metal is an elegant 3D lettering solution for filigree signs, high-precision lettering or logos. Fine nuances, such as sharp corners and narrow fonts can be implemented very cleanly and precisely.

3D seals

3D seals provide for a lasting impression. They give exclusive products and packaging an individual, unmistakable character. Whether in classic red or in a different colour or shape - we will professionally implement your ideas.

3D bottle embossing

Not for ordinary bottles! Ideal refinement, e.g. for a bottle redesign: Instead of the time-consuming and expensive modification of the existing glass shape, MICHEL ITC's 3D bottle embossing can be used. Whether logo, emblem or lettering – the 3D elements in transparent optics look like real embossings and can also be applied afterwards.

3D lettering

Haptics works! Combine your message with a tactile experience. Whether logo or individually shaped single letters: 3D lettering can be designed entirely according to the customer's wishes. This gives machines, products and packaging their very own, individual character.

3D textile sticker

Personalize the clothes or uniforms of your employees with your logo or lettering. The 3D textile sticker is made of a special, heat-resistant material, so that it can be ironed onto all types of clothing. A fine all-round edge also allows the sticker to be sewn on if required.

Plotted fonts

Free-standing foil fonts, also known as plotter fonts or plotted fonts, are ideal for an effective message on flat surfaces. The solution when only single letters, characters or symbols are desired on objects. Ready-to-mount delivery including transfer tape.

Plexiglass branding

A plexiglass branding is strikingly different! Logos, letters or fonts made of plexi glass are extraordinary 3D markings that can be used for all kinds of products.

Direct printing

Nothing but ordinary! With direct printing, the application possibilities are almost unlimited, because even uneven surfaces and a wide variety of materials can be printed clearly and cleanly: Wood, metal, plastics, leather, paper,...

Marking stencils

Marking stencils made of foil are suitable for marking rough or uneven surfaces, for example on vehicles, machines or apparatus. They enable razor-sharp contours and can be made to customer specifications.

Thermo-transfer printer

The SATO thermo-transfer printers are universal industrial printers with outstanding features for meeting critical printing requirements.