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As your technology partner, we develop and produce innovative solutions for the operation, labelling and branding of devices and products.


Input systems

Kapazitive Tastaturen

Capacitive switches

The technology of our capacitive switches is suitable for all design-oriented applications and input units.



Thermo-transfer printer

The SATO thermo-transfer printers are universal industrial printers with outstanding features for meeting critical printing requirements.


3D Sticker textil

3D textile sticker

Personalize the clothes or uniforms of your employees with your logo or lettering.


Unser Beitrag für Green China

Green China: Actions instead of words

MICHEL ITC has been represented in China by its own qualified staff for 15 years. Environmental protection has been an important topic from the very beginning.


vfTalk 2020

Umweltarena Spreitenbach

The vfTalk 2020 will be dedicated to the topic "Sustainability".

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Project Manager
Input Systems | Sign
Team China
+86 21 6403 5587


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