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Input systems

Optical bonding

In optical bonding, individual components are bonded together. The result is a very high-quality and stable HMI (Human Machine Interface) connection.


Technische Etiketten

Technical labels

Whether barcode labels, continuously numbered labels or rating plates: technical labels ensure fast identification, simplified warehousing and automated process


3D Siegel als Flaschenveredelung

3D seals

3D seals provide for a lasting impression. They give exclusive products and packaging an individual, unmistakable character.


Unser Beitrag für Green China

Green China: Actions instead of words

MICHEL ITC has been represented in China by its own qualified staff for 15 years. Environmental protection has been an important topic from the very beginning.


Solution Channel 02


Second edition on the topic: Engineering | Customized HMI solutions from a single source with Armin Donhauser, CEO of Idiag AG

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Gaby Nichini

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Supply Chain | How to optimize your technical labels

What sounds somewhat lapidary and unspectacular at first glance, however, makes the life of every strategic buyer enormously easier.