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Input systems

Frontfolien für die Industrie gefertigt nach Kundenwunsch

Membrane switches

Membrane switches have established themselves worldwide: for outdoor use as well as for industrial appliances or in the household sector.


Selbsthaftende Folien ohne Kleber

YUPO Tako® foil

The YUPO Tako® foil is a self-adhesive foil made of the material YUPO Tako®.


3D Siegel als Flaschenveredelung

3D seals

3D seals provide for a lasting impression. They give exclusive products and packaging an individual, unmistakable character.


Engineering packages

MICHEL ITC also supports you in engineering your input system for a product or a machine.


vfTalk "Intelligent Sourcing"

Campus der FHNW Brugg-Windisch | Hauptgebäude, Klosterzelgstrasse 2, 5210 Windisch

Was bedeutet „Intelligent Sourcing“ und wie gehen wir damit um? Im Fokus stehen konkrete Lösungen für Schweizer KMU.

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Franziska Querol

Administration | Logistics


Welcome to the team

Since June 2022, Viktor Stockmann is supporting the German MICHEL ITC sales team for the Central/North area.