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As your technology partner, we develop and produce innovative solutions for the operation, labelling and branding of devices and products.

Input systems

Touch screens

Are you looking for a custom-made touch screen that meets your requirements?


Technische Etiketten

Technical labels

Whether barcode labels, continuously numbered labels or rating plates: technical labels ensure fast identification, simplified warehousing and automated process


3D Siegel als Flaschenveredelung

3D seals

3D seals provide for a lasting impression. They give exclusive products and packaging an individual, unmistakable character.



The more possibilities, the more difficult the decision.


vfTalk 2020


The vfTalk 2020 will be dedicated to the topic "Sustainability".

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Sales administration
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3D Siegel_Bermonits

Eine erfolgreiche Schnapsidee

Zwei junge Männer, welche berufsbegleitend ein Marketingstudium an der HF in St. Gallen absolvierten, machen ihren Traum von einem eigenen Kräuterlikör wahr.