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Solution Channel

Edition 03

Optical bonding - first choice not only for outdoor displays

In this edition, you will learn all about the different optical bonding versions and when they are ideally used. In addition, the company EVTEC AG tells us how a student project led to the development of an e-charging station.

Edition 02

HMI Solutions | Customized and from one single source

In the second issue of the MICHEL ITC Solution Channel, everything revolves around the topic of "Customized HMI Solutions". Tailor-made displays, good readability and years of availability are further keywords that are examined in more detail in this issue.

Edition 01

Supply Chain | How to optimize your technical labels

What sounds somewhat lapidary and unspectacular at first glance, however, makes the life of every strategic buyer enormously easier. Here you can find out how the company ANTA SWISS AG, our first guest, has organized its technical markings.

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Talking about solutions

In the brand-new MICHEL ITC Solution Channel, we highlight exciting topics and talk about solutions. Start on September 23, 2021. Save the date!