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Garantie- und Sicherheitsetiketten

Warranty and security labels

Whether calibration marks, warranty and security labels: they all have to be forgery-proof and secure against transmission. A special security film offers protection against manipulation and misuse. Depending on the security requirements, the label can become unusable, break or leave residues when an attempt is made to remove it. It can also be produced in various shapes, sizes and colours, according to customer requirements.

Warranty and security labels or calibration marks can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. They are equipped with a destruction effect, so that transfer to other devices is not possible and manipulations become clear. You need an individual imprint? No problem, we can individually adapt security labels and calibration marks to your specifications or the specifications of your authority, as well as shape, size and colours. Just ask us!

Advantages of warranty and security labels or calibration marks

  • Special safety film protects against manipulation
  • Breaks when pulling off attempt or leaves behind residue
  • Security punching possible
  • Contents according to customer specification/authority possible (calibration office - calibrated to)
  • Resistant to oils, petrol and light acids
  • Suitable for thermal transfer printers

Areas of use

  • guarantee seal
  • inspection badges
  • calibration marks
  • inventory markings
  • transport lock