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Resisitive und kapazitive Touchscreens nach Kundenwunsch

Touch screens

Are you looking for a custom-made touch screen that meets your requirements? Would you like to determine the technology and design of the touch screen yourself? And that already with a quantity starting from 100 pieces?

Capacitive or resistive touch screen solutions

Our touch solutions are tailor-made designs, with glass, PMMA, PC, membrane switches or front foils. Whether capacitive or resistive, both technologies have proven themselves in their application. We will advise you on the advantages and the optimum price/performance ratio.

For every application

Whether in the medical field or on the construction site: We know the industry-specific requirements for device operation. We always focus on your needs. We develop with you your individual solution.

Touch combinations with membrane switch or front foil

We glue your touch screen in the clean room completely and invisibly with the membrane switch, front foil or the safety glass. The result is a stable unit that is easy to install on your device. Further advantages of this unit:

  • Combination touch surface with tactile keys such as on/off or emergency button
  • Integration of capacitive keys outside the touch area possible
  • Sealed front
  • Protected touch screen
  • Foil printed in customer-specific design
  • Optical bonding for maximum sensitivity and transparency

Optical bonding stands for the bonding of layers using a liquid, invisible adhesive. In this high-quality process, the air gap between the membrane switch / front foil and the touch screen is filled. This enables us to achieve direct contact with the sensitive glass. On the other hand, the optimal transparency and brilliance of the graphics is guaranteed. In addition, the penetration of dust and moisture is prevented.

The entire assembly from a single source

On request, we can combine the touch unit with displays, PCBs, plates and housings. You receive the entire unit ready assembled and from one source. All you need to do is screw the unit on, connect it - and you're done.