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Thermo-transfer printer

The SATO thermo-transfer printers are universal industrial printers with outstanding features for meeting critical printing requirements.

New materials and production techniques as well as stricter legal regulations require more and more flexible, high-quality rating plates and information labels. SATO thermo-transfer printers are suitable for this purpose: they are universally applicable industrial printers, ideal for coping with all important labelling and printing requirements.

Advantages of thermo-transfer printers

  • SATO system technology for efficient in-house production
  • Ideal for application-related, high-quality foil plates, rating plates or information labels
  • Interactive LCD display for extremely easy operation
  • "Plug & Print" - can be immediately integrated into existing networks & printer environments thanks to Auto-Detect function
  • Unique - thanks to simple print head change from 203 dpi to 305 dpi or 603 dpi expandable