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Silicon rubber keypads

Silicon rubber keypads are manufactured 100% to customers’ specifications, so that they can be optimally adjusted to the respective applications. They provide a good tactile sensation and are an interesting alternative to conventional switches.

Silicon rubber keypads are not only extremely durable, but also offer almost unlimited design possibilities. In addition, they are very cost-effective in series production compared to other keyboard technologies.


Silicon rubber keypads are used to perform a “switching function” through an underlying printed circuit board or other circuit carrier directly or indirectly. They can be also combined to many other products to achieve different function, such as LED, LGF, circuits, metal domes, etc. For more information and knowledge, please contact us.

Advantages of silicon rubber keypads

  • optimum haptics
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high durability
  • customer-specific implementation
  • unprinted, single or multi-coloured printing according to customer specifications
  • backlighting of individual keys or entire keyboard possible
  • hardly any limits in terms of shape and colour


Silicon rubber keypads adapt to your design and are extremely flexible. Different key shapes and individual key colors as well as multicolored keyboard illumination can be realized without any problems.

We support and advise you in the equipment and material selection for your silicone rubber keypad. We are also happy to support you in the development and construction of a suitable silicone rubber keypad for your application. Please contact us.