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Geplottete Schriften mit 3D Effekt

Plotted Fonts

Free-standing foil fonts, also known as plotter fonts or plotted fonts, are ideal for an effective message on flat surfaces. The solution when only single letters, characters or symbols are desired on objects. Ready-to-mount delivery including transfer tape.

Plotted fonts are single cut or plotted elements or letters from a coloured adhesive foil. The letters are self-adhesive and can be created individually or as whole lettering. Whether individually set off letters, logo or symbols: plotted fonts are produced individually according to customer's request and depending upon employment and intended use. Just ask us!

Advantages of plotted fonts

  • Large selection of adhesive films, very high quality films (e.g. 3M Scotchcal) available
  • Single letters possible
  • Individually cut, provided with application tape

Areas of use

  • Ideal for labelling products of all kinds
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Cosmetic
  • Food
  • Packagings