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Metal labels

If you are looking for a robust marking solution, metal labels are the ideal choice. They are high-quality, durable and also perfectly suited for outdoor use. They can be anodised or etched on request.

Metal labels are extremely durable and offer special protection for your markings. Depending on the requirements, they are either anodized or etched and thus become glass-hard, scratch-, impact- and weatherproof. They can also be individually labelled, e.g. on rating plates for appliances or machines.

Depending on the intended use, different production processes are available:

1. anodizing
2. screen printing + protective lacquer
3. UV digital print + protective lacquer
4. etching
5. etching + colouring

Ask us, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right material and the appropriate processing method.

Advantages of metal labels

  • Robust marking solution for signs, fonts or logos
  • Mechanical processing possible
  • Material selectable according to intended use: aluminium, chrome steel or brass
  • Different adhesive qualities available, also for highly porous surfaces
  • Different types of production possible: digital under-eloxal printing, eloxal printing (screen printing), 2-component printing (screen printing), etched, engraved  
  • Available from 1 piece

Areas of use

  • Ideal for rating plates
  • Advertising signs
  • Product labelling of all kinds