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Frontfolien für die Industrie gefertigt nach Kundenwunsch

Membrane switches

Membrane switches have established themselves worldwide: for outdoor use as well as for industrial appliances or in the household sector. They convince with their great individual freedom of design, their durability and their low installation depth. Their design requires less than 1 mm of space and includes the complete circuit and even integrated key lighting.


MICHEL ITC membrane switches are already protected against dirt and mechanical damage by the design principle. The reason: the front foils of the membrane switches are printed on the back as standard. This means that the upper foil layer of the membrane switches constructed according to the sandwich principle offers effective protection. And the surface of the switches is easier to clean and disinfect.

Membrane switches are also extremely compact: their construction requires less than 1 mm of space. In addition, they can be realised optically and ergonomically according to customer requirements. This means that even sophisticated designs can be implemented in confined spaces.

Advantages of membrane switches

  • low weight, thin, space-saving
  • Colour printing, free design
  • individual tactility
  • dustproof
  • water resistant
  • high durability
  • resistant to chemicals (solvents)
  • easy to clean
  • no abrasion of the print
  • EL components can be integrated

Areas of use

  • household appliances
  • industrial applications
  • medical device manufacturing