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Marking stencils

Marking stencils made of foil are suitable for marking rough or uneven surfaces, for example on vehicles, machines or apparatus. They enable razor-sharp contours and can be made to customer specifications.

Make sure that your logo or lettering is seen when your equipment, tools, machines or appliances are used. We manufacture individual, contour-cut marking stencils from foil with your own motif, logo or lettering. The foil adheres perfectly to smooth and rough surfaces. It is also easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue after marking.

Marking stencils made of foil are an interesting solution, especially for difficult substrates. Since the film bonds perfectly with the substrate, no ink runs under the stencil and the print is pin sharp.

Advantages of marking stencils

  • Individual texts and motifs possible
  • Can be applied to almost all substrates
  • Suitable for rough surfaces
  • Clean contours and no colour bleeding, as the film bonds with the underground
  • Can be removed without residue after marking

Areas of use

  • For marking products, appliances and vehicles
  • Name templates and stencils with address data
  • As advertising material