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KROMEX® Schriftzug 3D inkl. farbigen Elementen

KROMEX® 3D lettering

KROMEX® 3D lettering is available in all colours or in an elegant chrome look and offers countless design options. Thanks to the patented KROMEX technology, individually shaped single letters, elements or linked fonts can be created in different heights.

More and more product designers, machine developers, designers and marketing managers are discovering the wide range of applications for KROMEX® 3D lettering. Thanks to the ingenious production method and low tooling costs, the lettering is not only suitable for marking large-volume products, but is also ideal for use in industrial equipment and mechanical engineering.

Advantages of KROMEX® 3D lettering

  • Single letters, linked fonts or elements with 3D effect possible
  • Different heights and curvatures possible (max. 12 mm profile height)
  • Possibility of printing (in colour)
  • Customized confection according to customer requirements
  • Visualizations possible on request
  • Favourable manufacturing costs, as no expensive injection moulding tools are required
  • Can also be produced in small quantities
  • Automotive approval

Possible areas of use

  • Vehicles of all kinds (cars, motorcycles, caravans, ships)
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Domestic appliances
  • Sports accessories