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Displays für die Industrie gefertigt nach Kundenwunsch


MICHEL ITC offers you a wide range of different displays (TFT, IPS-LCD, OLED, etc.). In addition to conventional standard sizes, we also offer customer-specific displays. Just ask us.

There is a lot about whether a display can be read in sunlight, whether rich colours and clear contrasts can be seen and whether the display should also have good readability at a wide viewing angle. In order to define a display for its intended use, it is advantageous to take a close look at the various types of displays.

Whether you are looking for an ordinary standard display, want to manufacture your own "customized" display, or have already defined the display and provide it for further manufacturing processes - we are happy to support you in all situations.

The most common types of displays

1. TFT - LCD "Thin Film Transistor - Liquid Crystal Display"

As "LCD" and the later further development "TFT-LCD", bright colours could be displayed for the first time. Revolutionized the monitor, because the viewing angles were hardly restricted.

2. IPS - LCD "In Plane Switching"

These displays are based on further developments in LCD technology.
Very clear colour contrasts, razor sharp images and a very wide viewing angle are standard.

3. OLED "Organic Light Emitting Diode"

Independently illuminated sub-pixels mean that the black pixels no longer need to be dimly backlit - black or dark content consumes less power.

4. monochrome "segment, graphic LCD and e-paper"

Monochrome technology is still very popular in the industrial sector due to its low power consumption, small footprint and low costs. In addition, the user interface is clear, easy to understand and simple.

E-paper displays reflect light like normal paper. They are therefore passive (non-luminous) displays, which are called reflective displays. Displays are usually permanently displayed without the need for a maintenance voltage.

Customer-specific solutions

Displays find their application in incredibly many products such as: HMIs, mobile phones, medical devices, instruments, appliances, household appliances, cars, machines and many more.

Depending on the requirements, some specifications can ultimately be more important than others: specific viewing angles, brightness, resolutions, backlighting or response times.

Together with our partners, we are able to embed interfaces, cable lengths or positions into an existing design in the best possible way and to develop a tailor-made display for your project.

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Thanks to our long-standing employees in China, we are in direct and constant contact with local and international manufacturers and suppliers. This means that you not only benefit from direct technology transfer from the specialists, but you are also optimally equipped for your project and the subsequent product life cycle.

Just ask us. We will be happy to advise you.