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Direct printing

Nothing but ordinary! With direct printing, the application possibilities are almost unlimited, because even uneven surfaces and a wide variety of materials can be printed clearly and cleanly: Wood, metal, plastics, leather, paper,...

The necessity of marking a product does not always take into account the shape and composition of the part. This is why direct printing can be used to inscribe even convex, concave or otherwise three-dimensionally shaped parts. Also motifs with many fine details can be printed without problems, of course multi-coloured and also for very small editions.

Advantages of direct printing

  • All materials printable
  • Also difficult to access moulds and delicate surfaces possible thanks to special pre-treatment
  • Possible with protective lacquer
  • Finest resolution
  • Feasible from very small editions

Areas of use

  • Marking of apparatuses, products and machines
  • Window manufacturer
  • Furniture
  • Packagings
  • Advertising media