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3D Ski-Sticker mit Schaumkleber

3D sticker

Making a lasting impression is not always easy. Especially when brands or products become more and more interchangeable. A 3D sticker as unique branding helps to position your product even better on the market.

The 3D sticker is both optically and haptically a real eye-catcher. In a special process, the surface of the 3D sticker is coated with crystal-clear synthetic resin. This not only gives the sticker the typical three-di

Advantages of 3D sticker

  • 3D effect possible partially or over the entire surface
  • Different adhesive qualities available
  • Special foam adhesive for ski stickers available
  • For all surfaces, also porous surfaces
  • Weatherproof & UV-stable

Areas of use

  • Marking of products and machines
  • Cosmetic
  • Food products
  • Furniture
  • Skis
  • Sports equipment
  • Packagings