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3D Element für Beschriftung von Mass-Skischuh

3D lettering

Haptics works! Combine your message with a tactile experience. Whether logo or individually shaped single letters: 3D lettering can be designed entirely according to the customer's wishes. This gives both packaging and products their very own individual character.

Whether logo lettering, emblem or symbol, 3D lettering offers countless design options in terms of design, colour and form. For the 3D effect, the stop-paint technique is used. This limits the areas and the 3D lettering thus obtains its characteristic shape and its individual appearance.

Advantages of 3D lettering

  • Single letters, linked fonts or elements with 3D effect
  • Different heights and curvatures possible
  • Free form and colour design
  • Different adhesive qualities available
  • For all surfaces

Areas of use

  • Ideal for labelling and finishing products of all kinds
  • Cosmetic
  • Food
  • Bottles
  • Packagings