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Happy Birthday MICHEL ITC

We take care since 1989

We have been actively serving our customers for 30 years. Learn more about MICHEL ITC and our philosophy "We take care".

Rolf Michel remembers: "It all started in 1989 in Muri AG by my father Jakob Michel with a trading company for technical labels. Already then he lived and shaped our company philosophy "We take care". He always took the time to attend to his customers' concerns and actively travelled around Switzerland. For him, it was the most normal thing in the world for the quality of the products to be right, the delivery times to be adhered to and the parcels to be sent properly. And if something didn't work, he immediately informed the customer and took care of a customer-oriented solution.

Preserve the proven and dare something new

These principles are still the basis of MICHEL ITC's daily work today. In contrast to 1989, we have continuously expanded our product portfolio and develop and produce input systems, markings and branding for apparatuses, devices and products.

Of course, the requirements have become more extensive, global and far-reaching in the last 30 years. Accordingly, we now have branches with qualified employees not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany and China. From these three locations, we support and advise customers around the globe. What has remained the same, however, is our commitment to the high quality of our products and services. As well as our motivation to listen to our customers - you -, to find solutions, to inspire them and to provide them with comprehensive support.

Our many long-standing customers appreciate the direct contact with our project managers. And they confirm again and again that our philosophy - We take care - still has as much value today as it did with my father".